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Based on our experience, 7 out of 10 people are unable to figure out the best and the most optimal Audio setup for their home. The chief reason being availability of hundreds of brands and variants and also due to biased sales pitch. We would like to take this opportunity to help you navigate through this maze and “Zero” down on the right setup based on various laid down universal guidelines.

Many times you just fall in love with the speaker finish and the build quality, with the sound being produced taking a back seat. We understand that they will be part of your living room or the media room and they should look presentable, but not at the cost of the sound. Always give preference to the sound quality over external appearance.

There is no limit to the time spent during audition, the more the better. Many speakers / setups sound nice in the beginning but after 45 - 60 minutes start causing ear fatigue. This time would be a good investment from your side to ensure that you do not have this problem once you install the system at home.

Always carry your favourite music or movies with you on DVDs or on a pen drive since your ears are already accustomed to it. Usually dealers play high resolution audio, which would not be your regular source. If you and your family spend a considerable time watching HD TV programs – sports, news, serials, Discovery or National Geographic, you should insist on playing that content during audition. If you don’t plan to buy a Blu-ray or a regular DVD player, and instead opt for YouTube, make sure the audition happens via YouTube channel either through a dongle or smart TV.

Speakers will sound very different within the confines of your untreated living room when compared to a treated demo room since demo room eliminates sound reflections, cuts down on room gain and gives you an ideal experience which is very difficult to get at home. Always look for a demo room which is very close to an average living room setup rather than a highly dressed up acoustically treated room. If you are not going for a screen and a projector, ask the dealer to turn them off so that you can focus purely on the sound and TV.

1. Always audition the speakers with the AVR that you have finalized. Many times audition takes place on a high end AVR which you will not buy. You will thus not know how your selected AVR will make the selected speakers sound.

2. When going for multi speaker configuration, always insist on setting up the entire 5.X.X or 7.X.X configurations with the speakers that you are considering to buy. When selecting speakers, go for timbre matched left, right and centre channel speakers at the minimum. By timbre matched we mean, those 3 speakers should be from the same series, have used the same construction material and same set of drivers in order to provide a unbroken and continuous sound stage.

1. We recommend to go in for a separate AVR and speaker setups against a bundled model. A bundled model will prevent you from upgrading individual components later.

2. Invest in a 7.2/5.2.2 AVR even if you are going in for 5.1 speakers so that upgrading the speaker setup later does not result in your AVR going waste.

3. It is highly recommended to buy speakers with 8 ohms impedance so that they can be used with any AVR. Avoid 4 ohm speakers since many of the AVRs can get damaged with speakers that are towards the lower end of the impedance specification limit.

4. Go for speakers that are custom built, hand crafted and individually tuned instead of mass produced ones. This will ensure that all the speakers in your setup are individually tuned and match with each other instead of sample tuning and matching done in consumer grade products.

5. If you are buying 5.1 speaker setup, please ensure that the manufacturer can augment 5.1 setup with additional speakers from the same series or model during upgradation to 7.X / 5.X.X configuration later on.

6. While evaluating AVR power output, it is recommended to look at RMS values and distortion (THD) figure at 8 Ohm load over a power bandwidth of 20 Hz – 20 kHz with 2 channels driven. These days, THD of less than 0.02% is very much possible and will ensure that you get a distortion free sound even at high volume.

7. Please check the launch year of the speakers and AVR so that you don’t buy components that are already End-Of-Life (EOL) or might be EOL soon. This will save you from the hassle of procuring components post sales and matching speakers in future if you decide for upgrade.

Never rely solely on online reviews and use them only as a general guide. Buy speakers only after auditioning them for extended period of time, even if it requires you to go multiple times to a retailer or to multiple retailers.

Please contact us for a real "Home Theatre" and "Stereophonic" immersive sound experience in a regular home setup at a very compelling price. We will be more than happy to help you evaluate various options available in the market and provide an unbiased recommendation.

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The above information is only meant to provide useful and helpful insights on the subject discussed and in no way a reflection on dealer or manufacturer’s products and processes.