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Home Theater Subwoofer in Bangalore
We began our search as a consumer for an ensemble of home theatre setup with great sounding speakers. What followed soon was a great synthesis of ideas and determination, to fill the sweet spot. Moving forwards, our lineage of designing and manufacturing Audio systems, helped us to embark on a journey of designing our own Audio speakers and Monoblock amplifiers.

Subwoofer Speaker in Bangalore

After eleven months of crafting and curating, we completed our first pair of floor standing speakers and got them evaluated by Audio engineers and sound recordists. We implemented their feedback and suggestions in the successive versions. We continued on our journey and completed 7.2 home theatre speakers for personal use.

2 Way Surround Speakers in Banglore
Our long experience of manufacturing professional grade speakers and amplifiers helped us to setup Audiqs within a very short span of time. We have carried on our business philosophy of offering state-of-the-art products to audiophiles and music lovers.

2 Way Speaker in Bangalore
Quality and Innovation continue to be our guiding factors. We strongly believe in building enduring relationships with our esteemed customers. We offer a range of value for money speaker configurations that cater to both mid and mid-high segment clients. We also provide customised speaker solutions based on customer's budget, room size and preferred external finishes.
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